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Do you have a lay-up period on your boat policy?

“Lay-up” means taking your boat/yacht out of active service for the period of time as shown on the declaration page of your policy. Lay-up can include either storage on land or afloat. During this time, the boat/yacht:

  • Must be stored in a safe berth that is usual in the area stored
  • Must not be ready for immediate use
  • May not be operated
  • May not be used for living on board

If a lay-up is listed on a declaration page, then the insurance carrier assumes that the boat is not being used on the water during this period of time. These dates are normally what the boater considers “winter dates”. During this period, the boat would be covered for all storage and transit exposures according to the policy form but NOT any water use. So just because your boating season is over and the policy is in the lay-up period, this does not mean you have no coverage for damage to the boat.

Some boaters assume they can just cancel their insurance when their boating season ends. Do not make this assumption. There are many claims that happen during the winter months. For example:

  • The building where the boat is stored is brokeninto and the outdrives and electronics are stolen off the boat.
  • There is a fire in the building where the boat is stored.
  • There is a fire started by another person’s boat that is stored in the same facility damaging multiple boats.
  • The roof of a building where the boat is stored collapses due to the weight of ice and snow.

It is important to check your policy closely. Not all policies have a lay-up period or have the same lay-up period. Some carriers such as American Modern do not designate lay-up periods on their policies.


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True or False? 6 Common Auto Misconceptions


Test your knowledge about auto/driving laws and common misconceptions with our quick self-quiz!

True or False: Truck drivers are required to brush all snow from the vehicle’s roof.
They could, however, face charges of operating to endanger if they don’t remove it. Nonetheless, there is still no law requiring them to do so though.

True or False: You should leave a note on someone’s car if you accidentally left a small scratch on their bumper while

True. You should leave a note with all of your information. Even if the scratch is small, there could be damage to a crash absorbing mechanism that is in certain bumpers now. The damage may not even be visible so it’s better to always leave your info.

True or false: Most of the glass in cars is made to protect against sunburns.
but they do not protect against UVA rays which can hurt the body’s ability to protect against skin cancer.

True or False: You cannot jump start a car that is larger than yours.

As long as batteries have the same voltage, you are fine. The majority of batteries are actually the same, with few exceptions.

True or False: It is illegal to carry a filled gasoline can in an SUV, because technically there is no trunk.

True. You are not supposed to have gas within the passenger area of any vehicle. Since an SUV only has passenger areas, a spare can is NOT allowed.

True or False: If you hit a skunk with your car, you can wash your tires off with tomato juice like you would a dog.
Doing this will only add the smell of tomato juice to the smell of the skunk, but the skunk smell will not go away. Click here for some tips on how you can effectively remove the skunk smell from the exterior of your vehicle.


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